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Gateway to China

Due to its physical proximity to the mainland of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong has developed into the main base for China operations over the years. Most major banks, law firms and ourselves, as a leading accounting firm, have expertise available to assist clients wishing to invest in or trade with China. It is very common for Hong Kong companies to be incorporated as the vehicle for such trade.

CEPA was signed between the Mainland China and Hong Kong in 2003 and became effective from 1 January 2004. It provides preferential access to the Mainland market and reduced tariffs for the export of certain finished goods and services by certain enterprises and individuals in Hong Kong, whether locally or foreign-owned.

Ten Supplements were then signed in between 2004 and 2013 which expanded market liberalization and further facilitated trade and investment for the economic co-operation.

Agreements on Trade in Services

In December 2014, the Agreement between the Mainland and Hong Kong on Achieving Basic Liberalization of Trade in Services in Guangdong (the Guangdong Agreement) was signed under the framework of CEPA, enabling early realization of basic liberalization of trade in services with Hong Kong in Guangdong. The Agreement on Trade in Services (the Agreement) was signed in November 2015 that extends the geographical coverage to the whole Mainland for basic liberalization of trade in services.

Agreements on Investment and Economic and Technical Cooperation

In June 2017, the Investment Agreement and the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (the Ecotech Agreement) were signed under the framework of CEPA. The Investment Agreement covers admission of investments outside the scope of the Agreement on Trade in Services, and also provides for commitments of both sides relating to protection and facilitation of investments. The Ecotech Agreement consolidates and updates the economic and technical cooperation activities between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Agreements on Trade in Goods

On 14 December 2018, the Mainland and Hong Kong signed the Agreement on Trade in Goods (the Agreement), consolidating and updating the commitments on liberalization and facilitation of trade in goods under CEPA, and further enhances the level of economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Our China Business Department is able to handle the rapidly growing demands of those wishing to do business with China.